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We make more than just strings! Ernie Ball manufactures all of the equipment you need to start your collection or put the finishing touches on your guitar rig. From the essentials like guitar picks and instrument care products to fun additions like volume pedals, Ernie Ball has you covered for all electric guitar accessories and bass guitar accessories.

First, load up on guitar picks. Having a surplus comes in handy when those elusive guitar picks end up in the crevices of your guitar case or forgotten backstage. Our guitar picks come in classic Ernie Ball bright colors, camouflage, and pearloid finishes. Our picks come in thin, medium, and heavy varieties. Also, round out your collection with thumb picks, metal finger picks, and pick pouches.

Then, head over to the straps page and find one that matches your style. Guitar straps give you the mobility, freedom, and support to shred while playing a gig. All of our straps are adjustable so that you can find the best fit for you. Check out the newest 2015 Jacquard strap that comes in five different designs, from Santa Fe to Regal Black.

Customize and manipulate your sound with our volume pedal selection and slides page.There are seven pedal models to choose from to achieve your desired distortion. Also check out the replacement potentiometers as well as cord and spring kits to restore your pedals to their former glory after a particularly hardcore gig. If you are in search for a different playing technique to alter your sound, select from slides made from steel, glass, and chrome plated brass in multiple different sizes.

For everyday care and maintenance of your instruments, go to the instrument care products and pegwinders pages. Find cleaners, polishes, microfiber cloths, wipes, and the Ernie Ball musician`s toolkit to keep your guitar clean, shiny, and in tip top shape. The more you clean your instruments and strings, the longer they will last. Also find pegwinders to wind your own bass or guitar strings significantly faster than by hand.

If you are a beginner musician, you can learn how to play the guitar with our instructional books. If you are a more seasoned musician and want to create your own music, you can also find paper for music writing and for guitar and bass tabs.

If you are looking to accessorize yourself and showcase your love for Ernie Ball products, look at our apparel line that features our string packs, Ernie Ball eagle, and more. In the collection are shirts, hats, jackets, and even a clock to hang on your wall.

Once you find the strings that are right for you, we have all of the guitar accessories to keep them in top condition and more products to help you in your pursuit of the perfect sound. Find Ernie Ball accessories at your local music store, locations can be found on our Store Locator.